Bio: Chef Sasha Zambetti

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Bio: Chef Sasha Zambetti

March 21, 2020

Graduating from the Prue Leith Collage of Food and Wine in 2000, Chef Sasha Zambetti’s career has been as colourful and vibrant as her personality. From cooking for private diners, restaurants and hotels to being an integral part of South Africa’s food media, both on TV and in magazines, Sasha has explored the culinary world like few have before.

Sasha is a mum to 2 busy boys – Jesse, age 9, and Alessio, age 4.  The boys love ‘snacky food’ as they’re both on the go all the time. Stopping to eat is not high on the priority list, however dinner is always around the table so that everyone can share what happened in their day; their high, their low, and the buffalo (some other bit of interesting info).

Sasha will never say no to lettuce – pairing it with any other plant-based ingredient, including fruits, vegan cheeses, nuts, soft herbs and of course other vegetables. Olive oil and Himalayan salt are must-haves, thereafter balsamic or lemon juice or even rice wine vinegar (depending on the salad ingredients) add umami.

As a self-professed ‘outdoorsy’ type person, hiking with the Johannesburg hiking club is her favourite activity. She also enjoys walking, swimming, running and cycling.

She respects mother nature, and does what she can to reduce, reuse, and recycle. “One day soon I’ll be a ‘zero-waster’”, says Sasha.

Sasha spends a lot of time ploughing through social media, and consulting Google, looking for inspiration for new dishes and specials. “I’m loving our new blog, it gives both Kaylee and I an outlet to showcase new recipes and ideas we love, but that won’t translate well on our upcoming new menu”.

This, in combination with her decorated career provides her with the means to celebrate tradition whilst being able to explore new possibilities with her meals.

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