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Welcome to Kaylee’s Market

February 19, 2021

Kaylee's Market, Plant-based vegan supermarket based in Bedfordview.

Hello foodies,

If you have been to eat at Kaylee’s lately, you may have noticed some changes. We have been hard at work on expanding Kaylee’s brand with a new project. We are so excited to give a little insight as to what we’ve been up to. But before we begin let us officially welcome Kaylee’s Market

Kaylee's Market vegan supermarket in Johannesburg South Africa.

At Kaylee’s market, we strive to provide a variety of high quality vegan products at affordable prices. Our market intends to promote a healthy, happy and cruelty-free lifestyle. All while promoting quality local brands and businesses. Kaylee’s is one of South Africa’s leading vegan markets, specialising in health and wellness, lifestyle, beauty and so much more! 

Kaylee's Market offers a wide variety of plant-based items and good to live a more wholesome life.

Over the years maintaining a plant-based and vegan lifestyle has become easier, though it still has many challenges. Pricing and access to quality goods still form the main set of problems faced by many who are trying to live more of a plant-based or vegan life. We created Kaylee’s Market to provide a place for people to shop with peace of mind without worry. Not only providing them access to high quality vetted products at affordable prices but a place where people can learn to better themselves in a variety of ways. We wanted to make the core of our retail shopping experience easy, educational, affordable and fun. With the wide range of products, helpful staff and great prices you are bound to find something to suit your needs.

Kaylee's Market has a wide variety of fully vegan drinks and beverages

Kaylee’s Market strives to achieve the following:

  1. We wanted to create a 100% vegan market;
  2. We wanted to create an affordable option for vegans; 
  3. We wanted to create variety for vegans; and 
  4. We wanted to create a market focused on health & wellness.
Kaylee's Market in Bedfordview is a vegan super market that sells everything from foods, health, beauty and wellness products.

Make sure to follow us on all our channels for more exciting news, product announcements, and even a few recipes. You won’t be disappointed!

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