Bosch Kettle DesignLine 1.7L (Copper)


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1.7L kettle
Easy-to-read cup indicator
Lid opens at the touch of a button
Removable stainless steel limescale filter
Easy filling through spout or lid
Lighted on-off switch
Non-slip feet on base
1-year guarantee
Avoid Lime Scale Formation

The Bosch Copper 1.7L Kettle has a concealed heating element, that ensures durable heating. Regular kettles without concealed elements tend to lose heating power after time due to lime scale formation. Bosch cordless kettle has a concealed heating element which will always boil water at the same efficiency. The removable steel filter in sprout further assists in avoiding any limescale build up.

Comfortable Design
Comfortable handle allows for easy one hand operation. The on/off switch is found on the ergonomic handle along with the lid opening button. The lid can be opened by the touch of a button for your convenience. The Bosch 1.7L Kettle has a 360-degree base which makes it easy to turn the kettle in any direction to suit your need.

Bosch Cordless Kettle Protection
With overheat and boil dry protection you can walk away while your water boils without worrying. Once the water has boiled, the Bosch Copper 1.7L Kettle automatically switches itself off. Also, if the lid is opened during operation, it will switch off.


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