Bosch Steam Iron Sensixx DA10 CordPlus 2400W


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Simply practical – with a long cord and a cord tidy.
3AntiCalc: triple cleaning function with self-clean, calc’n clean and integrated anti-calc system.
3AntiCalc: ready for operation for longer.
3AntiCalc: ready for operation for longer.
All good things come in threes — this applies to the service life of an appliance too. The 3AntiCalc function, as the name implies, is a threefold function comprising SelfClean, Calc’nClean and a built-in AntiCalc System. It effectively prevents the build-up of limescale in your appliance and reliably increases the service life of your Bosch iron.

PalladiumGlissée soleplate: with steam channels and 3 phase design for good steam distribution and perfect gliding.
PalladiumGlissée: for better gliding.
PalladiumGlissée: for better gliding.
The special soleplate with its 3-phase design guarantees an ideal distribution of steam and maximum gliding. The triple-zone ironing technology includes moistening, drying and smoothing processes. This ironing process, together with the sophisticated arrangement of the steam channels, makes this household chore significantly more convenient and less stressful.

Secure auto shut-off: Device switches off automatically when not in use — for safer ironing.
Secure: double smart.
Secure: double smart.
With Bosch, the safety of our appliances is extremely important and is ideally combined with a further convenient feature. One example of this is Secure, the clever auto shut-off. This function ensures safety and also saves energy because the iron switches off when it is left or is not used for a long time. To be precise, the iron switches off after 30 seconds when horizontal or after 8 minutes when standing on its base in a vertical position. This is a very convenient, safe and modern function that ensures worry-free ironing.

Precise spraying device to moisturize the fabric while ironing to fight against inconvinient creases


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