Clearspring Demeter Organic Chickpeas 350G


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Clearspring Demeter Organic Chickpeas are organically grown using holistic farming practices. Chickpeas are high in protein making your meals go further & keeping your tummy satisfied for longer. Clearspring Chickpeas have a particularly yummy taste, you can expect a slightly nutty flavour & a soft, grainy texture that goes wonderfully in salads & curries. Enjoy the reusable glass jar that they come in. Soil Certified Organic. Using controlled bio-dynamic Demeter farming. Ready to eat. High in protein. Low in fat. Low in sugar. Packaged in a recyclable glass jar. Suitable for vegans & strict vegetarians. Directions: Remove chickpeas from brine (you can use the brine or Aquafaba as an egg replacement when baking). Care Instructions: Once opened keep refrigerated. Allergens: May contain traces of soy. Did you know? This product is made using bio-dynamic Demeter farming. Demeter is a method of holistic, organic farming originally developed by Rudolf Steiner. Key features of Demeter farming involve the avoidance of synthetic fertilisers & avoidance of putting chemicals into the soil, the use of manures & composts as well as frequent crop rotations. A little blurb about chickpeas (because we love them so much): Chickpeas are great, we mean really great, because they are versatile & filled with protein. You can roast them, add them to your meal while cooking (allowing the chickpeas to soak up the flavours -yum!) or eat them right from the jar. Use chickpeas to make hummus or falafels, add to them curries & salads or make a chickpea & mayo sandwich! You can make chickpea fudge, brownies or try your hand at making Peanut Butter & Jelly Chickpea Blondies. Specifications: Nett Weight: 350 g. Ingredients: Chickpeas, Water, Sea Salt. Nutritional Information per 100 g. Energy (kJ): 423. Protein (g): 5.7. Carbohydrate (g): 14. of which Sugar: 3. Fat (g): 1.7. of which Saturated Fat (g): 0.2. Sodium (g): 0.35. Packaging: Glass jar. Country of Origin: Made in the United Kingdom.


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