Clearspring Organic Japanese Umami Paste With Ginger 150G


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Umami is the concept of the fifth taste. Originating from Japan, the word means ‘savoury deliciousness’. Clearspring authentic Japanese umami paste can be added to unlimited recipes to lift and bring out the ingredients’ full flavours. By adding a Koji culture to rice and leaving it to naturally ferment, the Umami is then mixed with soya sauce and ginger to create this incredibly moreish and versatile condiment. Organic Japanese Umami Paste with Ginger can be added to numerous dishes to enhance their overall umami flavour. Traditionally fermented with soya sauce and koji. High in protein and fat free. No added sugar, but contains naturally occurring sugars. To add umami flavour, squeeze straight from the pouch into sauces, stews, bolognese and cottage pie. Can also be used in its own right as a delicious dip, sushi sauce or in dressings. Suitable for vegans. Specifications. Weight: 150g. Ingredients: soya sauce* (47%) (water, soya beans*, wheat*, sea salt), cultured rice* (27%) (rice*, koji [0.001%]), water, ginger* (3%). *Organically grown. Care Instructions: Shake well before use, Refrigerate after opening and consume within 8 months.


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