Clearspring Organic Japanese Sushi Ginger Pickle 50G


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With its fresh, zesty taste Clearspring Sushi Ginger stimulates the appetite and invigorates the tastebuds. It can be eaten straight from the pack and is so named because it is almost always served with sushi or sashimi, to cleanse the palate between mouthfuls. Sushi Ginger combines well with both Western and Asian dishes. It has a superb flavour and has been prepared from young, tender ginger roots, thinly sliced, briefly salt-pressed then pickled in high quality rice vinegar. It is unsweetened and its colour comes naturally from red shiso herb. Organic Japanese sushi ginger. Cut into slivers and add to salads, fried rice or noodles, and stir-fries or use straight from the pack as the perfect complement for tempura and other fried Food, fish and, of course, sushi. Source of fibre. Sugar and fat free. Vegan. Specifications. Weight: 50g. Ingredients: Ginger root* (48%), water, rice vinegar* (water, rice*), sea salt, pickled shiso (perilla) leaves* (shiso leaves [5%]*, umeboshi plum juice*, sea salt). *Organically grown. Care Instructions. Store in a cool, dry place.


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