Cocolicious Organic Coconut Milk Powder 200G


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This powdered coconut milk is a handy long-life alternative to fresh coconut milk and coconut cream. It’s also a great, healthy dairy milk substitute that’s casein-free, lactose-free and suitable for vegans. Plus it’s made with only certified organic ingredients. Simply mix Cocolicious powder with warm water, to create your own coconut milk, or a coconut cream base for desserts and curries. A powdered non-dairy milk alternative. Vegan coconut milk/ coconut cream powder. 100% certified organic by ECOCERT SA. Casein-free & lactose-free. Gluten-free. Non-GMO. Corn-free & soy-free. No preservatives or added sweeteners. No pesticides or harsh chemicals. Contains 65% nutrient-rich natural oils. Nourishing & delicious. Directions: To make coconut milk: Add 1Tbsp of powder to 1 cup warm water & blend until smooth. To make coconut cream: Add 2-3Tbsp of powder to 1 cup warm water & blend until smooth. Once blended, keep refrigerated & use within 2 days. Store in a cool dry place. Note: Because this product is packed with 65% natural oils, some natural clumping may occur. Neat, light-weight and super-convenient, the Cocolicious 200g tub gives you between 1.5 litres of coconut cream to a staggering almost 5 litres of coconut milk. Depending on whether you want a coconut milk consistency or a thicker, richer coconut cream. Ingredients: Organic coconut milk (97%), organic tapioca, maltodextrin (2.5%, derived from organic yuka root), organic gum acacia (0.5%). All ingredients are certified organic.


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