Happy Earth People Chickpea Pasta Fusilli 250G


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Happy Earth People Chickpea Fusilli Pasta is your perfect alternative to carb and gluten-laden pastas. Made from 100% pure chickpea flour, this humble legume has major health benefits as it ups your protein and fibre intake, giving you a boost of sustained energy. They also high in vitamins and minerals and to top it off, gluten-free. Chickpea Pasta is not only a really tasty dish, it’s one of the easiest meals to rustle up with whatever sauce or toppings your heart desires, with the healthy and satiating base taken care of Happy Earth People’s Chickpea Fusilli Pasta. Gluten-free. High Protein. Vegan meat replacement. High in Fibre. Low GI. 6 Minutes cooking time. Fusilli: short corkscrew spirals. Handmade*. Specifications: 250g. Ingredients: 100% Chickpeas.


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