Taka Health Tumeric & Bioperin 90 Capsules


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Each tub of TAKA Turmeric’s Turmeric & Bioperin Capsules contains 90 capsules which were created for those who need more turmeric in their diets on a regular basis. These capsules are ideal for humans and animals alike.

It is proven that the absorption of turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin is modest, but can be magnified by up to 2000% when taken together with black pepper. By combining turmeric with a natural fat such as coconut, curcumin is protected from harsh stomach acids, which delivers maximum absorption of curcumin to your body.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric – 500mg, Black Pepper Extract – 5mg (as BioPerine®) & vegetarian capsule shell. 100% FREE FROM any fillers, binders and flowing agents


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