Taka Tumeric Organic Ginger Lemon 15 Teabags


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Taka Turmeric’s Organic Ginger & Lemon Tea is a delicious herbal infusion with their signature turmeric twist. It uplifts with the zingy freshness of lemon, and warming bite of ginger. Turmeric takes it to the next level with its distinctively earthy flavours. Enjoy the full sensory experience with this beautifully fragrant, glowing golden colour, and definitely delicious herbal brew. Light, and delectably fragrant brew. Traditional blend of Ayurvedic spices. 1000 mg of organic Indian turmeric per cup. Powerful anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. Black pepper enhances the absorption of turmeric’s active compound curcumin. Individually sealed in fully recyclable polypropylene-free envelopes. Fully compostable, unbleached tea bags. Staple-free tags with organic cotton string. Certified organic by Soil Association. Free from preservatives, colourants, and flavourings. Suitable for vegans, and vegetarians. Directions: Infuse in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. Add your choice of milk to taste. Sweeten with your choice of honey, coconut blossom nectar, or natural sweetener. Care Instructions: Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. Specifications: Contains: 15 x Individually Sealed, Unbleached Tea Bags. Nett Weight: 32 grams. Ingredients: Turmeric* (42%), Ginger (35%), lemon peel (10%), Rosehip, Grated Coconut, Fenugreek, Black Pepper. *Certified Organic. Country of Origin: Made in The United Kingdom.


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