The Fruit Cellar Apple 80G


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Tuck into a chewy, fruity snack from The Fruit Cellar, a new division of the popular Tierhoek Organics range. These dried apple pieces are made with carefully sourced fresh fruit, and dried without the use of sulphur or harsh chemical preservatives. These sulphur-free apple bites are a healthy alternative to sweets, and a great choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. Choice grade dried apple pieces. Sulphur-free. Preservative-free. Locally sourced. High in immune-boosting vitamin C. Source of pectin which promotes heart health. Good source of fibre for digestive health. No artificial colours. No artificial flavours. Naturally sweet & tasty. A great on-the-go snack. The fresh produce used by The Fruit Cellar is sourced from Western Cape farmers who are GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) and export certified. This means they farm with a minimum of chemicals (or none where possible), while following strict environmental and labour regulations. Did you know? Sulphur dioxide is typically used to protect dried fruits from mould growth and insects. However, many consumers have allergies to sulphur, and that’s why The Fruit Cellar range is sulphur-free. Ingredients: Dried apple.


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