The Fruit Cellar Persimmons 80G


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Savour the perfect bite-sized, honey-sweet fruit treat with this pack of dried persimmon pieces from The Fruit Cellar. These goodies are made with produce sourced from ethical local farmers, and dried without sulphur, so they’re better for you and the planet. High in nutrients and low in calories, these delectable persimmon slices will be a hit in school and office lunch boxes. Dried persimmon slices. No sulphur or preservatives. Made from choice grade produce. Sourced from GLOBALG.A.P. & export certified farmers. No artificial flavours or colours. High in vitamin A & vitamin C. Source of flavonoids & antioxidants. Source of catechins, natural antibiotics & anti-inflammatories. High in manganese, copper & phosphorus. Did you know? Sulphur dioxide is used as a preservative to inhibit bacteria and enzyme growth in dried fruits


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